Top 6 SEO Myths of 2017

Blaming even one of the Best SEO Company is not a surprise if you lack knowledge of proper SEO. It even causes conflicts between clients and SEO Company as clients tend to believe more on the myths and so there is a need to show the clear classification of commonly mistaken ideas regarding SEO v/s reality. From the hundreds of misconceptions, most critical ones are brought to your notice:

One Time SEO efforts will pay-off endlessly
When clients approach any SEO agency, they need to get everything from one-time investment with them. If it is a fresh project, analysis and implementation will take time and the choice of keywords and the alterations to them for achieving desired results will be frequently made and hence it is next to impossible to match the imaginary rankings within short contract span.

No doubt, the efforts will pay-off but you need to expand the duration and need to keep patience instead of raising hands after paying for SEO once. The fact is, you actually need to sign-up for a long haul and need to trust the process instead of rushing for ranks. Even if you get high SERP ranking, the strategies must be effective enough to give tough competition to your topmost competitors.

Homepage should be the only Focus
Most of the clients are non-technical and have no better understanding regarding SEO and so they repeatedly inform one of the best seo company they choose to focus on homepage only.

This is not at all considerable as SEO efforts should be equally emphasized for all webpages and on website as a whole and not for a particular URL. Hence, entire site needs to be Google-friendly, even those web pages which are least required to be optimized.

#1 Spot on Google is Guaranteed
Expecting to be ranked #1 is never an issue but if someone guarantees you topmost position in specified time period, you need to stack them immediately.

If you are promised high SERP position gradually with time, with regular climbing of positions, it’s an organic way of achieving results. While you can get topmost rank with paid ads and not overnight with SEO as the results are truly organic and its variations depend on Google’s algorithms.

SEO is not a big deal – it is a DIY
Underestimating technical SEO strategies is the most believed myth of all the time. Until and unless you possess sound qualification of SEO and you are a smart cookie to implement it well, it’s a sheer waste of time if you think you can do it yourself because genuinely, search engine optimization is more than just inclusion of keywords in content and optimizing images. Since you want to proceed with trial and error basis and have plenty of time to wait for results to arrive, you can proceed yourself and not wait for one of the best seo company to do it for you.

More the Backlinks, Healthier the SEO
Backlinks is one of the important ranking factors for search engine optimization of website but it is definitely not the only one to rely on! Also, the quality of backlinks is considered by Google than quantity. Moreover, if you rush for backlinks, you will end up spamming and can suffer from penalties by Google. Hence, if you think more links to your site means good links, you need to re-think.

Regular Content Update is a Key to Ranking
People usually think that frequently updating website, i.e uploading small piece of content specific times a day will be beneficial for ranking rather than doing the same once a week or so. This is totally rubbish!

Your website needs unique and fresh content and the uploading frequency is not mentioned anywhere. Also it depends on the varied strategy employed for your business so you don’t need to flood your site with content every now and then unless you have a news website.

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