Top 10 Factors Ruining Ecommerce Conversions

One cannot sit back and relax after getting ecommerce website development done by one of the best ecommerce development company. There is more to watch out along with advertising your products and making it convenient for consumers to buy them. By keeping the product list updated, one must carry out a certain set of activities which keeps consumer’s interest refreshed to stay loyal to your brand. If you are not witnessing the rise in revenue and consumer conversions then you must review your setup.
The user-experience here can be categorized according to business size too. In case of small businesses, the site is not in-depth and the products are few so users can easily find what they want. Thinking other way, users may also think that you don’t have much to offer. While in case of large and popular Ecommerce websites, there are millions of products on site and they are well organized and through smooth navigation, customers can easily search for desired products. The question here is which are the factors responsible for killing conversions? Let’s explore the common mistakes leading to the dissatisfaction of consumers and not leading to purchase.

1. A Design Not-so-Consumer-Friendly

Giving priority to own preferences and not keeping consumer’s perspective and convenience in mind is the foremost stage which leads to failure of ecommerce Websites. Your definition of “looking good” might cause inconvenience to users in traversing through your site, making purchases or checkout.
This could be avoided through beta testing by third parties and analyzing the same so that proper adjustments can be done by your ecommerce development Company which got your site developed.

2. Blurred Conversions and Focused Creativity

Creativity is undoubtedly a key to drive users and make them go crazy to return to your site again but overused creativity is harmful. No matter what artsy you have used to attract users to deliver something fresh and new, they will expect simple navigation, notifications, and checkout process, as well as tutorials, can be additionally inserted for better UX.

3. Trying hands-on Unnecessary Steps

Nobody has time to spend on complicated checkouts. Within clicks, products should be bought with convenient payment options too. In short, the entire shopping process must be hassle-free. Also, your one of the Best Web Development Company must not include any pop-ups forcing users to subscribe to newsletters, request compulsory details or email to proceed further as it might irritate users and they may leave since then before proceeding towards checkouts.

4. Frequently changing Web Design

Most of the customers are habituated with Ecommerce websites and they expect the same from your site. For instance, they look for toggle button for navigating in case of mobile app development and search for user profile on left or right corners when using website. If you frequently update your site design, users will not be able to find what they need and might return disappointed as they don’t have much time to waste learning site.

5. Ignoring Mobile-friendliness

Most of the Ecommerce customers are driven by smartphones and hence ignoring mobile-friendliness is the biggest mistake one will ever make whether it is an Ecommerce website or any else domain. Perfect alignment, optimized images, enhanced page load speed etc are the necessary factors to keep users love your app or mobile-responsive website.

6. Unhealthy Site Performance

It is obvious that Ecommerce sites are going to contain a lot of product images and they are required to be high-resolution ones to better represent the product but this must not make the site performance fall short and irritate users. It should load within average page load speed time whether your site is accessed from PC or smartphones.

7. Complicated Checkouts

Not only checkouts but log-ins must be convenient too and within few clicks is the best way you can offer to your users. You must never ask for more than required information or include unnecessary hops before check-out as it will make negative impression instantly and customers will abandon the cart without thinking much.

8. Non-standardized Icons

Icons play a very important role where the designers have to choose the ones which are attractive and precisely representing the purpose without confusing users. For example, the shopping cart must seem like the cart and its icon must not represent anything else but a cart.

9. Non-versatile Cart

Users must be given freedom to flexibly operate their shopping cart, easily add or remove products or alter the sizes from there itself and so on. A versatile card is a quality feature of Ecommerce site and makes sure you have it too.

10. Surprising Shipping Costs

The entire procedure must be transparent. According to your policies, each product must individually represent shipping charges and the inclusive taxes. If you come up with extra charges at the end, users will be highly disappointed.

It requires accurate planning, analyzing and implementing a successful Ecommerce Website. For assuring better conversions, it is important to focus on eliminating above errors and this is not your cup of tea without one of the best ecommerce development company. Are you satisfied with your current Ecommerce site? If not, contact us now!