Things to enquire from Web App Development Company regarding WordPress Website

WordPress Website is a choice of many Ecommerce Businesses these days. For those who want to manage their businesses with a robust, scalable and efficient platform which can instantly occupy changing needs with effective efforts infused by a web app development company. As a cherry top, WordPress to have upgraded many trending and exciting features like SEO-friendly themes and templates and has brilliance in making mobile-friendly website. Hence it is preferred for creating standardized websites. Stating in short, one can get a simple and cost-effective website in a prompt manner.

Small businesses generally opt for this platform as it’s a CMS based web platform that is widely recognized in the industry. As it offers SEO friendly features, it will offer dynamic website developed in short time span.

Have you ever wondered why this platform is getting this much popularity?

  • Amazing level of Convenience
  • SEO friendliness
  • Creation of responsive websites
  • Offers strong protection against spammers i.e provides security
  • Simple and Easy to use sites
  • Thousands of plugins and templates to choose from
  • Budget Tailored for every business size

It seems interesting when you look at these advantages but as a client, are you aware of the things you should ask before handing over the project to any Web App Development Company?

What amount of information should be given?

While you are hiring a development agency, it should be crystal clear in your mind how much information should be given to that company regarding yours and what instructions should be accompanied regarding the privacy policy of your company. This makes it clear in their minds about how they should utilize your private details and maintain it.

Would you like to continue with a new theme or existing one?

There are three choices in front of a developer regarding themes, he can either continue with modifications in existing theme, can begin with a fresh one or can customize as per his preference. Each option has its own pros and cons and you are free to suggest your choice.

What number of plugins do you want to be used in the development process?

There are lots of plugins provided by WordPress for developers to build your website. You should be aware of the kinds of plugins that are going to be used on your site and which has all essential features you are looking for.

How will you ensure the immunity of your website?

As WordPress CMS is an open source, there are possibilities of your website getting prone to attacks. Be very specific for website security and take care for strengthening the shield. Proper coding structure, right theme choice, plugins and timely update of the website is the key for ensuring website security.

What will be used for the website back up?

Always opt for having a backup of your site. There are a lot of tools available online which helps in the backup process, analyze and find out which will suit best for foolproof backup of your site.

Which inbuilt SEO features will you get?

SEO is an important part of every digital business now and hence it is necessary for you to know which methods and techniques will be utilized by the developers to make your website SEO friendly.

Will it be easy to add or remove plugins or themes at a later stage?

There are times when a website requires modification and upgrade to latest features. Make sure that the developers keep it easy for you to add or remove certain plugins at the desired stage.

What if you least care about not asking all these?

The client might face inconvenience with the following things if they do not ask the above fundamental things:

  • Be ready to spend more bucks to get corrections done if you have not stated the requirements properly
  • Face delay in receiving the final project
  • Much of the critical aspects might be left unnoticed
  • Lack of functions you desired
  • Project might not be up to your expectations

Since nobody likes to deal with such dodges, it is better to tie up the seat belts before you begin enjoying the ride.

It is a challenging situation for entrepreneurs to look for Web App Development Company which sticks to the commitments made at the time of getting a project from clients.