Which things should be considered before buying expired domains?

We often hop over popular but expired domains. Before hasting towards purchasing the same, it is important to have a sketch-map in your mind. Also, it is great to know that selling expired domains is a great business online and convenient way to make money. Discover entire idea of expired domains in the article below before you derive a conclusion for purchasing one.

What is expired domain?

The expired domain is a domain which is not renewed by the owner. Sometimes domain owner forgets to renew or in other cases, few of them don’t have money to renew or they don’t renew their domain willingly.

Well, the reason may be anything but when the domain is about to expire, notice will be sent to the owner of the domain to renew the domain in the 30-40 days of the expired date.

How long you have to wait before buying the expired domain?

Once the domain is expired, it will be shown on the website that the domain is expired but that doesn’t mean anyone can’t buy the expired domain instantly until the grace period is not over which is given by the domain registrar.

After the grace period ends, site owner still renews it by paying the penalty which is called redemption period. If the domain is not a during this period, it will enter in the locked state which lasts for around 5 days and after that time period, it will be deleted officially.

Now you can buy the domain. Some registrar also starts bidding on the domain which is in demand. In that case, you have to be the highest bidder to be the owner of that expired domain. Policies may vary according to the domain registrar.

Above information can help you to buy expired domains.

How to use the expired domain?

Once you bought the expired domain, you can use it in many ways. Let’s talk about how to use them.

1. 301 redirection

Redirection can be done in two ways: Temporarily and permanent. 301 is permanent redirection which passes the link juice to the new redirected location. It can be a site or a blog, link juice will be passed easily.

If the purchased domain is getting backlinks from high authority websites like Forbes, Mashable or any other site. You can redirect that domain to your website and get the traffic which can improve your visibility in SERPs and for that, you can take the advice of best SEO Company.

2. Private Blog Network (PBN)

You can build PBN on these domains and link them back to your website. It can be beneficial if the purchased domain is getting backlinks from high domain authority sites. You can improve your website rankings by doing these.

3. Building Authority site

You can add articles and blogs to that site. No need to put extra efforts in link building sites as we purchased a domain which is getting backlinks from high authority sites. Your blogs can easily rank up on the Google by this technique, as noted by one of the Best SEO Company.

This technique may not work longer but the past authority of expired domain can help you to get the good rankings.

What should be checked before buying the Expired domain?

5 Things should be checked before buying the expired domain from any platform.

1. Check DA of domain

Domain Authority (DA) should be checked before buying the expired domain. DA should be more than 25-30.

DA/PA checker:

2. Make sure the domain is not banned by Google

No matter if the domain is having 50+ DA/PA but if it is banned by google it will be useless to buy that domain.

You can check if the domain is banned or not by searching “Google banned checker”. And if the domain is banned and you still want to buy it you can request Google to remove the ban by “Google reconsideration request” method.

3. Check the ban on Google AdSense

“Google AdSense Sandbox” is used to check if the site is banned by AdSense or not.

You just have to put the URL and click on preview ads. If all the ads of the entered domain are being displayed, domain is safe to buy.

4. Check the website archive

This will be a new thing for many users. By checking the archive of the website, one can easily see what kind of site was it before it expired.

With the help of Wayback machine, you can check how the site looks in particular year. Circled numbers of the particular month will be clickable.

5. Check the backlinks

If the domain is getting Chinese backlinks and multiple language anchor texts, such domain should be avoided.

You can check the Backlinks by aHrefs, SEO Spyglass and many more.

Where to buy expired domains?

Dom cop
Expired Domains

These are the most popular names where you can find the expired as well as deleted domains.
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