Single-Page or Multi-Page Website Development: What would you choose?

Your Web Development Company has no issue in developing any kind of website you want whether single-page or usual multi-page ones. But, single-page sites have created a lot of buzz on the web and as businesses are concerned with enhancing their web presence, it is important to upturn this topic too. Let’s dig deep into this and explore some amazing benefits of owning the same.

What is a Single Page Website?

A website that simply fits in one HTML Page is known as Single Page Website. It gets loaded dynamically and never gets reloaded till the user is interacting with it. It is great for managing user interactions without having page reloaded numbers of times.

You are already using them daily, Gmail, Google Docs and more from Google and Facebook are the foremost examples when it comes to single page web applications or single page websites. Here, the entire UI is loaded only once and only what you interact is only updated. They are mostly employed by promotional websites and they get to be a popular choice for landing pages too. Here is one more example of the static web app:

Single Page Website Example

Single Page Website Development is making you re-think if your existing site is as fluid and responsive as it has to offer you right? Let us give you few more reasons to fall for it by introducing advantages of one-page websites.

Fairly Reduced Response Time

The task of a server is reduced here as it does not have to load HTML, CSS, Javascript or other heavy and load-hurting elements again and again. If the coding structure is not optimized, these could contribute to slowing down your website and increase the page load speed. This ultimately leads to poor performance of your site.

But this is not the case when you choose to go with single-page site as they surpass re-loading, reduce your hardware maintenance costs and also gives a superb response time.

Improved Responsiveness and Lightning-Fast Speed

Unnecessary loading is eliminated and only the new data is loaded when initiated by the user. And also every feature user wants to access is already available in the UI and so readily accessible instead of recalling them every time you need. They incredibly speed-up your site and help reducing bounce rates too.

Brilliant Offline Support

You might have noticed the offline versions of Facebook and similar apps. Did you ever think how is it possible? These sites work on cache and dispatch mode. It means that tour Web Development Company develops your website to be so efficient that it stores the server data when called for the first time and then keeps delivering it to the user whenever a call to action is initiated.

The best thing about single-page better than multi-page is that they allow you to operate its offline mode in case of loss of data connectivity and immediately synchronizes your changes as soon as the internet connection is resumed.

Increased Adaptability

Single-page websites also play an important role in mobile app development. There is good news for the coders here that they don’t need to re-type similar coding and use the same backend code instead for mobile application. This is very difficult to do for multi-page websites. Also, it is important to note that one-page sites are more like an application than a website which makes you naturally adaptable to it for mobile devices.

Flexibility of UI

Like it is convenient for the users, it is useful at the end of web development company too as it gets easy for them to make changes to client’s frontend without influencing on the server except for the static resource files.

Easier Debugging

It is even possible to debug multi-page websites on Chrome but debugging approach gets even easier when it comes to single page web apps. Firstly, it has all of its code in a single webpage and secondly, they are developed on frameworks which have their very own Chrome developer tools like React JS and Angular JS.


At the end, what matters is what you choose and that is all making difference. Here is all you need to consider whether you want to move on with single-page or multi-page:

  1. The Purpose of your Website
  2. The kind of information to be posted on the website and the way users will interact with it
  3. The core elements of your website and the main layout you want
  4. Is there anything else to be served to users than content?

Even if you are attracted by these cool features of single page websites, you just cannot hop to it as you need to consider a lot many things as mentioned above. They can turn out to be a disaster for E-commerce websites but opens up opportunities for content-based sites or the ones which are dedicated blogs or have limited services to provide.

Be it single-page or multi-page website development you have chosen, you will still need the assistance of one of the Best Web Development Company and we are here! Consult our experts now and get a featured site developed for your business too.