SEO or SEM: What should you choose?

A common question troubling entrepreneurs is where they see more success: “SEO or PPC?” It cannot be answered as just defining each of them and leaving you still confused. It totally depends on the efforts put-up by one of the Best SEO Company you choose to deal with, who can help you get on the first page of SERPs using either of digital marketing techniques. It is hard to choose either of them on your own and determine whether paid search, organic search or a combination of both will work best for your business. Discover pros and cons of both and also see how SEO and SEM can be integrated for achieving improved results on SERPs.

Improving organic traffic with SEO

Once you invest in SEO, you fix in mind to get return on investment of every single dollar to improve your online visibility. Patience is required if you choose Search Engine Optimization as it is a long term strategy and won’t show up instant results. The main advantages of SEO are:

1. Wins Trust of Potential Customers

There are users who prefer skipping ads and click on organic results by considering them more trustworthy. So, if your site is high in SERPs for non-branded keywords then it will create a sense of credibility. More positive reviews you’ll have more trust you will gain.

2. Improved CTR

As stated earlier, more users ignore paid results which mean higher percentage of them will click on organic results. There is an exception to this; highly placed organic listing will generate more clicks than highly paid advertisement.

3. No CPC Charges

It demands time, effort and money to plan an effective SEO strategy but the traffic generated through SEO is free. While with SEM, you are paying for each click.

4. Sustainability

The traffic does not suddenly disappear here, unlike SEM. Your Best SEO Company efforts will pay off helping you stay on the top despite of Google’s ever-changing algorithm. Even if you discontinue your project, you won’t see any major changes like ranking drop instantly.

5. Pros over Competitors

It might seem a con but actually is a benefit that it isn’t easy to increase organic traffic. But once if you achieve desired and stable results with expected organic traffic, it is difficult for competitors to beat you with their PPC results since you lead with organic ones.

Difficulties of SEO

It will require patience and implementation of flexible and accurate strategy to generate expected outcome. Sometimes, it gets difficult for new businesses to compete over millions of similar websites already performing well in niche. If the keyword choice has giant competitors, strategies will require repeated re-thinking. Hence to be able to see success, one needs to be technically creative.

Instant Results & Targeted Visibility with SEM

Since SEO can be related as buying a house, SEM can be related to renting home. Each dollar spent by you will be consumed and if you stop paying for it, you don’t have access to your space. Its main benefit is that you see immediate results.

1. Offers Marketing Intelligence

The performance of keywords can be tracked using Google Analytics and you can encircle which are the keywords bringing conversions and so you can re-frame your SEO strategies accordingly.

2. Budget Grip

You can tightly control your budget as well as check influence on different target audience of different geographic areas. SEM is a major benefit for local businesses that are looking for low-cost way of generating leads. Moreover, the less competition you have, more cheaply the ads will cost you!

3. Appears Higher in SERPs

PPC Ads always show up on top of SERPs and so you will be visible above organic results. Unlike SEO, it won’t take months to show up and you will see immediate results. And depending on instant success, you can further analyze type of ads, landing pages and call to actions working best for your audience.

4. Laser Targeting Ability

SEO is targeting specific keywords which SEM is targeting intricate keywords. SEM offers more filtered targeting i.e by time of day, day of week, geography, language, device and audiences based on previous visits etc.

Challenges with SEM

The greatest pitfall of SEM is your Best SEO Company will ask you for constant cash flow in order to continue with your campaign. The moment you stop inserting money, you will disappear from SERP. Also, targeting and competition with PPC can turn out to be extremely expensive.

Ask yourself the following questions before choosing SEO or SEM

Like it is already stated earlier in this blog, it is difficult to make an instant decision between both. The current strategy choice might not work same next year; hence certain questions are required to be answered, whenever in confusion:

  • Do you want to increase leads instantly?
  • Want to make long term planning or short term one?
  • How is your website’s authority?
  • What is the competition doing?
  • What is the CPC for targeted keywords?

The basic idea remains the same; you must have a crystal clear idea in your mind regarding goals which will help you arrive on decision early. Yet better option, work with us!