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Julie and Danuta are 2 sisters that have a combined 30 years as therapists/trainers/coaches in the health/fitness/wellness industry. Along the way, as is so common with women today, we struggled with many of our own health issues – including depression, autoimmune illness as well as the pervasive women’s issues of fatigue, adrenal burnout, brain fog, hormone problems, miscarriage and infertility. As therapists we continue to witness so many women struggling every day. We have overcome a lot of hurdles (some are still a work in progress!) and have done so by changing our living habits – the ones that cause stress, exhaustion, bad choices and a lack of self-love and care. We are passionate about giving our bodies and minds the power to start to heal themselves and believe that with the right faith filled actions mixed with repetition and persistence we let go of and stop fighting old habits.


This website is build with WordPress using WooCommerce as an eCommerce plugin. We have integrate MailChimp in it, redesign the UI completely from UX perspective.

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Website URL: www.womenswellnessnetwork.com.au

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