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Amaze Tea Co. was started by chance. Our founder George’s father was unwell. He was sick of seeing his father suffer so, went about researching natural and organic remedies. He found some herbs he thought might help. He brewed them together, created a tea…. and his father was quickly back on the road to recovery.

Since then, Amaze Tea Co. has been on a mission to find the best natural and organic herbs and tea mixes to assist with a range of health concerns and to boost general health and wellbeing. We are based in Sydney, Australia but we source the best organic herbs from the best tea makers around the world. In Australia we blend, infuse and package the teas – ready for you to enjoy.

So far, we have sold our tea to health enthusiasts in over 20 countries around the world with amazing reviews and results.

We are constantly creating and trialling new teas we feel could benefit our customers and health enthusiasts.

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