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An interactive 3D brain with information on each lobe of the brain and different areas.

This application allows you to navigate the different parts and lobes of the human brain in 3D; it is a very useful in interactively exploring the different areas and parts of the human brain. Simply click on a particular brain lobe to read on the function as well as the significance of that brain part.

The primary function of a particular part is outlined in the first information box whereas the medical significance can be found in the second box.

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We build this Awesome 3D brain model using Unity 3D game engine platform. We have excellent proven track record of building 3D app on mobile platform using Unity 3D game engine. We also build Virtual reality app using Unity 3D software. If you looking for a mobile app game developer in Sydney or just a 3D mobile app developer in Sydney then feel free to get in touch. Send your enquiries using the “Get a FREE quote” form on your right hand side bar and we will get back to you within a business day.

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