Mobile App Development – Not to be ignored!

Mobile App Development has become the basic requirement of every online business. We also come across businesses which might not have a website but are boosting up their sales using mobile applications. For small to major tasks, apps have become an important part of our lifestyle. Be it making a daily schedule, shopping grocery or essentials like, clothing, jewelry etc, those businesses will be recognized as successful which are efficiently accessible on mobile phones.

There is a wide scope of increasing conversion rate using apps. Moreover, it is in your hands which device users you want to target: Android, iPhone or both. There is an instant solution with app developers for your business requirements regardless of the users you want to target. They can deliver smoothly functioning applications which can run efficiently across all devices running in the market recently.

There are confusions prevailing in business owners mind as to which platform to target. For business giants or large companies, it is less conflicting as they can readily invest in both but for small businesses, it is an issue as all of them might not have a big fat budget. Let us look at the benefits of Android, iOS and Hybrid Development one by one.

Android Mobile App Development

More users prefer Android smartphones because of its affordability and the way the Android market is evolving by providing amazing features at cheap cost than iPhone, people tend to choose them. Hence it is a great choice if you want to target Android users. Following are the benefits of having an android app developed for you:

  1. Ease of Portability: Applications which are developed in Android are generally developed using Java and are easily portable to mobile OS like Blackberry, Ubuntu, and Symbian. Also, they are well compatible with Chrome OS and even to Windows 10 devices by Microsoft.
  2. Availability to Users: Apps which are deployed on Google Play Store do not require approval by Google as Android is an open source platform. Hence, your Android Application is readily available for download within few hours of deployment without requiring special permission, which is earlier as compared to Apple’s Apple Store.Also, it is possible to update the app submission of play store multiple times in a single day and have alpha and beta versions of your application and track user response to them.
  3. Boosted Profitability: Gone are the days when people used to invest only in iPhone considering that their products will only be viewed by affluent users. As today, the agenda of every business is to boost sales and profitability regardless of the device user is accessing the application.

iOS App Development

Some businesses might prefer targeting only iPhone users due to several reasons either due to a high preference for security or demand for the high-quality app.

  1. Quality Applications: iPhone applications can only be developed on Mac System and they require approval from the company which have an exclusive quality check team to test the apps. Those apps which are approved by them are only available for download on Apple’s App Store. This means that quality is at the core for Apple.It is the main reason iPhone Application Development is outsourced due to strict adherence to quality standards and so is expensive to get the apps developed.
  2. High Scalability Levels: User engagement is the priority of businesses and it is on the beneficial end for business owners to promote self-growth at a stronger level.
  3. Security at Priority: Apps are going to consist of user’s data and hence it is very important to assure that user’s data will not be misused. Thus when users will be downloading your app, they trust you.

Hybrid App Development

Those businesses which have no specific requirement of app development for the single platform, Hybrid App Development are for them. Without investing separately for both of them, it is great to have an app which can flexibly perform across platforms and devices. When such advancement in technology is available at your service, it is great to take its advantage for the betterment of your business.

Benefits of Hybrid Application Development:

  1. Improved User Experience: There are difficulties faced by users when they switch between Android and iPhone as some apps might not be available in former or in latter. This is not the case when apps are developed using hybrid technology as applications are easily available in both App Stores.
  2. Feasibility of Integration: The native mobile apps are designed such that they are compatible to perform across platforms, thus making it hassle-free for programmers to merge their coding.

Mobile App Development is an inevitable part of E-commerce business as well as is a brilliant idea for start-up as it does not require more investment to reach more people. Get your App designed with one of the best Mobile and Web Application Development Company in Sydney. Hit the “Request Quote” button and claim your free quote now!