Complete guide to improve website’s Domain Authority easily

Domain Authority is a term you must know when you are concerned with ranking your site on top. Ever wondered why your competitors have higher DA than yours? If you want to increase your DA too then this blog is for you!

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is developed by MOZ. DA of the site can be between 0-100, lowest to highest. If your site is launched recently, DA of your site will be 0 or 1.

Website ranking depends upon DA. Higher the score better the ranking and traffic. Backlinks from high authority sites play an important role to increase DA score.

Factors that affect your domain authority

  • Website loading time
  • Linking root domains
  • No of Backlinks
  • Structure of website
  • Social Share
  • Moz Rank & trust
  • Age of domain
  • And many more

How to check Domain Authority?

After reading about DA and factors affect DA, you must be willing to check DA score of your website. As Best Domain Authority Checker Tool, we suggest Moz Open Site Explorer. And Bulk DA Checker gets you authority details of 25 sites in just one click.

Here is an example of checking the DA score for

How to check Domain Authority?

What is a Good Domain Authority Score?

DA is a number and every site owner wants to increase it. If it’s 40, the owner wants to achieve 50 in the next update. Domain authority of a site is above 50 will be considered as an achievement. But don’t focus only on numbers, just provide quality to users and focus on the ways to Increase Your Domain Authority.

How to Increase Your Domain Authority?

In the website’s search engine ranking, Google considers hundreds of factors. DA is one of them. So let’s talk about how we can increase DA of the website and they should be followed from the very beginning of website’s creation.

  1. Choose a Good Domain Name

    The Domain name should be relevant to business so that visitors can remember it easily. And if you are planning to buy an expired domain, you should read which things should be considered before buying expired domains?

  2. On-Page Content Optimization

    On-page optimization matters for DA as well as SEO. So make sure your website is optimized properly which includes title tag, ALT tags of the image, Meta description, fonts, unique content and many more.

  3. Internal Linking Structure

    Most website owners rush for backlinks but forget to look back and hold a grip to internal linking. The Proper internal linking structure is beneficial to decrease bounce rate by improving the user experience.Internal Linking Structure


    As shown in the image, you can also suggest recent blogs to your readers on your website which is the example of internal linking.

  4. Remove Broken Links

    Broken links should be removed from the website because they hurt DA as well as SEO ranking and leave a negative impact. No need to remove them one by one. Go through your Google analytics once in a while to remove them or you can check broken links of your site from Online Broken Link Checker.Remove Broken Links

  5. Website Should be Mobile Friendly

    The mobile-friendly website has become the basic need of every business now. If you don’t have one, hire one of the best web development company who better knows how to do it for you.

    Not all users will access your site from a desktop. The study shows that the number of smartphone users is increasing and so you need to enhance your site to be easily accessible from multiple devices. This will increase your chances of ranking high by positively affecting your SEO.Mobile Friendly website

    Click here to check if your site is mobile friendly. The analysis is from Google developers.

  6. Website Loading Speed

    Slow loading speed could be the one reason your users don’t check your site or app. Tortoise Loading Speed is a major contributor to high bounce rates. Ideally, the webpage should load within 2-3 sec else you are out of the game.Page loading Speed (between 2 to 3 Sec)

    Click here if you want to check page speed insights. If your site needs work they will suggest you the Possible Optimizations and how to fix them. They also provide the optimized image, JavaScript, and CSS resources for the entered page to make your site faster and better.

  7. Content Promotion via Social Media

    Promotion on social media is important because it is a big ranking factor. Provide social sharing buttons and encourage the followers to share it. It will help you to drive more traffic. Importance of Website Social Sharing Button

We would be glad to know if we were helpful to you. Let us know if you still have a cloud of questions in your mind regarding other factors affecting your site. Being one of the Best SEO Company in Sydney, our experience has taught us a lot and would like to assist you with the same. We are open 24*7 for receiving quote requests!