6 Keys to Catch Target Audience Trust on E commerce Websites

Ecommerce Development Company employs best development strategies for your website to make it a success. The website is the first thing visible to users and so is a chance for you to win visitor’s trust at a glance. Stating another way, a website is your online portfolio and it is the way you are greeting your visitors. You can convert your visitors into users in this short span as they decide whether they want to get associated with you or not.

Website’s credibility can be underscored in highly competitive web market with a professional and optimized website. Here are the 6 secrets to website designing which helps you in gaining the trust of your audience with custom web application development:

  1. Professional Website Design Matters
    Website Design plays an important role in making a professional visual appeal which gains audience’s trust. Let’s check this out with statistics:
  • More than 90% of users have agreed that they accept or reject a website based on the web design.
  • More than 45% of users have agreed that website design is the number one factor they look up when they have to decide upon website credibility.

    Looking up to above measures, it can be easily said that you cannot have a badly designed website and complaint about not gaining brand loyalty later. Your E-commerce Development Company should have a compelling design with a clean navigation implemented so that content certainly increases conversion chances.

    There is no need to mention the need for having a responsive design as user’s behavior cannot be predicted, nor the devices they are going to use for accessing your site. 8 out of 10 users use a smartphone and hence this number should be taken into account for considering the importance of mobile responsive website design.

    Thus, a design is what matters most and a professional design should not be ignored.

  1. Content Marketing be the Main Focus
    Content is what you can use to divert user’s focus to what you want them to get driven through. The two key elements are credibility and competence when you want to build trust and gain loyalty. And your custom web application development shares the product and services of your company which makes you stand apart from the competition. Also look at the Top 10 Factors which ruin your Ecommerce Conversions to see if they are not implemented in your site.

    This content creation can be in any form, blog posts, article, infographics which are rich in keeping users engaged with your brand for the longest time. They will definitely return to you if you provide them content pieces in a way they want or which makes them curious about something fresh which they never came across. Educating users is the not the only purpose, problem-solving content is desired by users.

  1. Leveraging power of Social Media
    No matter what kind of website you own, an active social media presence will make a huge impact in increasing visibility and build trust of the audience at the same time. Users will check for the availability of social media profiles and hence promotion of online brand will work if social media and website work seamlessly together.

    The content you share, the number of followers, the activities you perform on your social page for brand promotion are the things which help in building the brand image through different ways. Social pages help you in building audience trust and hence it is must link your E-commerce Website with popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and so on, whichever applicable.

  1. Reviews and Testimonials
    Reviews and testimonials from the existing clients will work for generating leads. It will ultimately build the credibility of your website. Reviews inspire trust amongst the audience and when visitors see positive reviews, they take it no less than personal recommendations to work with your site. For instance, a website from Sydney with great testimonials from overseas clients will invoke interest in a locality to work with them. These reviews can be in any form, text, video message and so on.
  1. Award and Certification Display
    If you have it, flaunt it. This is what most of us implement in reality and this is what you need to do with your brand. If your E commerce Website is recognized by well-known organizations and you have been rewarded with awards and certifications, use it as a tool to drive audience. It is yet another trust-building mechanism used for showing great work and competency. And if you doubt how to do it, get assistance from one of the Best E-commerce Development Company.
  1. Using Statistics and Case Studies
    Include case studies on your website to demonstrate your work. Sometimes, saying nothing says it all. This is what you have to do with your niche. For example, E-commerce sites can include case studies on how they have solved customer issues with certain products which will not only improve credibility but solves issues for other users too.

The Bottom Line

It is the combination of a compelling website design and relevant content which will help companies in gaining trust and a loyal customer base on the whole. Want to get custom web application development done with one of the best web development company of Sydney? Mail your requirements to us and claim your Free Quote now!