5 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Website Is Not Ranking In Google

Ecommerce Websites are the most popular category of sites and they have become a major source of income for small to large businesses. While some are scratching their heads to catch target audience trust on Ecommerce sites, some sit back and relax by leaving it to Ecommerce Development Company who better knows how to do it & they are lucky to hold tight to top position in result pages.

Even if you have a well-responsive and brilliant website with no feature left in making it best if it is not ranking on major search engines. The question here is: At what rank is your site visible on Google? If you don’t have the answer between 1 to10, you are in a critical situation right now and you need to know the common reasons why it is not ranking. We have figured them out here:

1} Poor On-Page Optimization of Website

Since you have an Ecommerce website, it is likely that you have hundreds of categories and thousands of product pages. If your site is not well-optimized, there are few to no chances of being visible to your customers when they search for products similar to those which you are selling.

What do you need to do?

Talk immediately to one of the best SEO Company to make your site SEO-friendly and they will brilliantly include title, description, and keywords most suitable to your niche. They will proceed further with off-page optimization which will work fruitfully for you in generating leads.

2} Missing Product Details

The website is successful if it has the feature every product page should have. Missing product details means the lack of information at your end and the user will end-up not shopping from your site thinking that you are negligent to be trusted.

What describes your product?

  • An Attractive Title and Brief Description
  • Minimum 3 HQ Images and 360 Degree GIF if applicable
  • Product Rating Pointer and Reviews

3} Using HTTP instead of HTTPS

http or https

Sites which don’t have an SSL Certificate are frowned by Google and in fact, they make your users doubt if you are trusted or not. The green colored beginning of URL means a lot to users. It is well and good if you already have it and if not, go get it! Your site should not appear to your users with a warning: “This site is not trusted”. In fact, it is the job to be done while custom web application development instead of worrying about it later and Ecommerce Websites should take it as mandatory to own an SSL Certificate for their website.

4} Slow Page Load Speed

Page loading speed is very slow

Check if your Web page is loading as it is expected to be with Google Page Speed Insights. Just paste your site URL there and you will receive the average page loading time of your site. More than 2 to 3 seconds is bad news for you!

How to improve Page Load Speed?

Talk to your Ecommerce Development Company to refine website speed for you and make it lightning fast by performing necessary changes like enabling compression, optimize images & leverage the power of browser caching.

5} Website yet to be Indexed by Google

Website indexed or not indexed

For recently launched websites, it might be possible that they are not yet indexed by search engines. Type this in Google search – site: yourwesitename.com (Don’t use ‘www’ and ‘/’). If your website is returned on top of search results, it means that you are indexed. If not, your site is not indexed by search engine spiders.


Before you make a heavy investment with one of the Best SEO Company, it is necessary to have a check with your Ecommerce Development Company whether they have optimized your site or not. This will relieve you from worries of not ranking high in search results and will increase your chances to be ranked on the top.