4 things to Double check before your site go live

What should be included in your website’s pre-launch checklist?

Excited about launching a new site? Your ecommerce development company worked hard on remarkable design, attractive content and magnificent UI. It’s obvious you can’t wait. Why would you need to double check your website before launching? It’s important because if it’s missed, this can happen:

Indexing issue intuition softech

And this to

500 error code intuition softech

These common issues cannot be avoided as sooner or later, they will make you scratch your head and spend again for getting it fixed.

Roles of eCommerce Development Company:

1. Check all the URLs of a developed website are working properly and live.

How to check site’s issues?

Google SEO Site Check-up and enter your website’s URL to perform the analysis. It will give you a detailed analysis of your site. If there are errors, site check-up will display them and also suggest a solution. This is the easiest way to check site’s issues before launching.

The tool will check mentioned things and give the overview of your site.

  • General SEO

  • Speed

  • Server & Security

  • Mobile Usability

  • Advanced SEO

If you found lots of errors on your site and need to solve them, you can contact best SEO Company to solve them.

2. Site speed should be checked

If your site took too much time to load, it’s obvious that users will not stay on your site. Page speed should be as low as possible. It is an important ranking factor of Google.

Where to check site’s speed?

Head to Google’s Page Speed Insights and enter website’s URL. You will get the report for desktop and mobile with possible solutions.

Ways to fix page load speed

  • Media should be stored on the Content delivery network (CDN) to reduce server load.

  • Use tools to minify HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

  • HTMLMinifier – to minify HTML

  • CSSNano – to minify CSS

  • UglifyJS – to minify JavaScript

3. Setup 404 page correctly

Instead of simple boring 404 error page, try to make it different. Display error message in a different way. Having a convincing error page is a creative way to make your users return. Since it is universally known that ‘Page Not Found’ errors are one of the causes of increasing bounce rate and if you don’t want this happen to your site too, make sure that your site has an attractive error page designed.

4. Check if the site is ready for multi-device

Don’t forget that people use mobile phones more compared to desktop. So don’t forget to check the mobile layouts for your website.

Google’s Page Speed Insights will let you know if your website’s mobile-friendly or not.

So you are all set? Cool! Now your site is ready for launch but you can make it better with SEO. Contact one of the best SEO Company and get quotation for your website absolutely *FREE*! Claim your free quote now.